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Concert Efforts and Realize New Dreams --New Year's address
Release time:2016-02-05

With the year of Sheep passing away, the year of monkey holding spring comes, and opens the door of the year 2016. In the New Year’s occasion, please allow me, on behalf of the party and government leaders in Children's Hospital of Soochow University, to extend my sincere greetings and New Year's blessing to the first line colleagues in the hospital, all leaders at all levels, and all the friends for their hard working, their car and support.

Children's Hospital keeps a sustainable development from the past to the present and will continue in the future. Passing 2015, and with the accomplishment of the "Twelfth Five Year Plan", the hospital has achieved fruitful results under the support of the entire staff and their arduous sweat. From the opening of the General Hospital, the relocation of each ward, tothe exploration of "one system, two houses" mode, all these lead to the new milestone in the history of children's hospital. Thetotal amount of emergency treatment has increased to 1.73 million people, and 17 programs achievedNational Natural Science Foundation, which have carried through the extreme peak during fall and winter, ushering the research flower in full bloom; from Jiangsu Province pediatric emergency medical rescue base, to the addingof the three doctoral advisors and sevenmaster advisors, the medical and teaching strength have become more and more solid; from the steady implement of the pharmaceutical price reform, to the successful conclusion of the first Congress, children hospital has entered a new norm, and a new realm. During the past year, we have shared joy and sorrow, which has given us endless thinking from these experiences.

 “Gather all forces to take action,nothing will fail; gather all wits to take measures, everything will succeed. ” To realize a new dream, one must be like the Monkey King, only if practice seventy two changescan he keep smiling at the difficulties. In 2016, we will make use of Reform and Innovation to draw "Thirteenth Five Year Plan" blueprint, to usher the review of the first-rate hospitals and the inspections of the large hospital, and further implement the public hospital reform policies. Just like Yu Gong (a famous man who moves a mountain in Chinese myth), we willtake our responsibility to start a new journey with gathering of everyone's strength.

Happiness is not far away, if we keep on and spare our efforts. At this very moment, we would like to extend our gratitude and best wishes to all the workers and their families, our retired colleagues,and our friends. Thank you for your hardworking, your care and support for the Children’s Hospital. Even though there is still snow and rain, we will move toward the sun with brave and perseverance.


The president of the hospital: Feng Xing

          The Party Secretary of the hospital: LU Zuyuan

                        February 5, 2016

Organization: Children’s Hospital of Soochow University      Address: 92# Zhongnan Street, SIP, Suzhou