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President Feng Xing made Simulation Appraisal on Standardization Trainee Doctor of Neurology Department
Release time:2015-10-12

Resident doctor standardization training is an important part for the education of medical students after their graduation and it is quite vital for training high level clinical doctors and improving the quality of medical treatment. Besides, it occupies the important linking position of medical education and is the key to formation process of clinical experts.

On the afternoon of August 15th, the sickroom passage of No.27 Ward was immersed in rigorous academic atmosphere. The President Feng Xing and others went to neurology department and made simulation appraisal on shift, standardization trainee and advanced training physicians in our hospital; Directors Li Yan and Tang Jihong introduced the general situation of department patients and recent work personnel arrangement.

The examination contents mainly include standardization trainee physicians’ clinical ability through the face-to-face assessment on the resident doctors’ medical history collection, physical examination ability, medical skills and operation skills. Respiratory department standardization trainee doctor Yu Xingmei first made a physical examination of nervous system, then director ZhnagLiya made a comprehensive review and finally the President Feng Xing summarized and explained the whole operation, told the inspection requirements and matters needing attention so as to catch everyone’s attention and thinking, and said they should strengthen clinical practice ability and integrate theory with practice in the future work.

Lastly, President Feng Xing also examined the advanced training doctors’ theoretical knowledge of lumbar puncture. Aiming at the operation, he also extended it and stated the cerebrospinal fluid characteristics about other encephalitis lumbar puncture, such as tuberculous meningitis and suppurative encephalitis; the doctors benefited a lot and were enlightened. In addition, he said they should stress the cultivation of medical ethics according to the requirement of the “sufficient knowledge and sound basic knowledge”, emphasize the basic skill training, have wide range skills step by step, strengthen clinical practice, better expand children hospital medical team, service for more children and create children's hospital a better future.

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