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Our Hospital Youth League Committee was honored as “May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee Creation Unit in Jiangsu”
Release time:2015-10-12

On August 18~19, the seminar of secretary of the youth league committee of the 17th batch of “May 4th red flag youth league committee in Jiangsu province” creation unit was held in Wuxi. More than 200 secretary of the communist youth league at the grass-roots level from across Jiangsu province in the field of various industries participated in learning of the project. Our hospital youth league committee was honored as the 17th batch of “the May 4th red flag youth league committee creation unit in Jiangsu province” and the creation term is 2016-2018.

The seminar adopted the combined form of learning and communication. Jiangsu provincial party committee organization department made a special tutoring on the creation of “May 4th red flag youth league committee, the organizations and construction of service-oriented youth league at the grass-roots level; youth league committee of Jiangsu Normal University and SUNRA Electric Vehicle Vo., Ltd. and Diannan Town, Xinghua introduced creation experience, respectively representing universities, enterprises and towns (street).

Under the leadership of hospital Party committee and the superior youth league committee, our hospital youth league committee will closely center on the construction of service-oriented and conduct “four overall plan, publicity in two items and striving”, namely, “make overall optimization service projects, strengthen service team as a whole, enhance service positions and perfect service network, public commitment on service target and public evaluation on service performance and demonstration creation implementation, do all work well and make efforts to build the Youth League into the firm fortress connecting and severing for the youth.


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