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Our Hospital Held Special Speaking Tour on “Static Treatment Guidelines in Suzhou” for Newborn and Children
Release time:2015-10-12

On the afternoon of August 26, special speaking tour of Suzhou Intravenous Treatment Nursing Clinical Practice Guidelines jointed held by Suzhou Nursing Quality Control Center and Suzhou Nursing Association started in the general hospital lecture hall of our hospital park.

The speaking tour is the final one of the series. More than 100 people including secretary general of Suzhou Nursing Association Sun Zhimin, co-chairman of and vice co-chairman of Suzhou Nursing Association Intravenous Treatment Nursing Committee Yang Yiqun and XuZhian as well as some members of Intravenous Treatment Nursing Committee, the pediatric nursing special members, and pediatric personnel, neonatal head nurses, static therapy nurses and nursing backbone from the secondary and tertiary hospitals in Suzhou participated in the activity presided over by director of nursing department Chan Yuying.

Co-chairman of Suzhou Nursing Association Intravenous Treatment Nursing Committee Yang Yiqun, deputy director of our hospital nursing department XuZhiyu, head nurse of surgery department Shen Min and head nurses of neonatology department Sheng XiaoYu and Zhao Mingjuan made detailed interpretation reparively from the plate of Occupational Protection, Children Outpatient Transfusion Management, Children Venous Transfusion Complications Prevention and Care, and Code for Neonatal PICC Puncture and Maintenance.

The speaking tour was just a start. It is hoped that the opportunity of communication and learning can help give children more safe transfusion treatment. After the tour ended, the organizing committee arranged the trainees to visit our hospital outpatient infusion room, PICC maintenance clinic, department of cardiology and general surgery department wards, the environment full of child interest, humane facilities and modern equipment respectively according to their own profession. All of these left them deep impression and they gave the consistent high praise.

Through the activity, our hospital enhanced the communication between other hospitals and also promoted our intravenous fluids further toward specialization, standardization and scientization.

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