Address: 92# Zhongnan Street, SIP, Suzhou

Zip Code 215025

FAX 0512-80693599

Bus Route Nearby:111、209、219、528、27、100、116、168

Parking Notes

1. 211 parking stalls in the hospital parking lot

2. Around 400 parking stalls in society parking lot opposite to the hospita


Parking Guide

1. 8 Yuan each time for the parking area on both sides of the rode outside the hospital; this area is a good choice if car owners will stay in the hospital for a long time.

2. After entering the hospital, vehicle owners should obey the arrangement of the security personnel to enter into the corresponding spaces. Free of charge within half an hour; 5 Yuan within 2 hours; 2 Yuan every half hour for the time exceeding 2 hours (less than half an hour is counted as a half hour); 25 Yuan at the most for one day.

3. The business time of the hospital underground parking lot is from 7AM to 10 PM; the corner entrance narrow, please be careful.

4. If there is no parking space in the peak time, you can park in the parking area along the roads of Zhongjie, Yangyu and Xueshi Street (by paying parking charge)