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Children’s Hospital of Soochow University was founded independently in 1959 by the famous domestic pediatric specialists Chen Wumin, PengDa’en and He Fuzhen, on the base of the pediatric section of the First Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou Medical College. The hospital, which is directly subject to the Health Department of Jiangsu Provincial government, has been developed into a “grade three, class A” specialist children's hospitals and congregates medical, teaching and scientific research together with a full range of pediatric services, tertiary care and health promotion for children.

The hospital, located in the downtown, covers an area of 18,000 square meters, with a construction area of 45,000 square meters and 800 open beds. The Children’s Hospital General, located in No.92 Zhongnan Street, Sino-Singapore industrial park, planning to cover an area of 59,000 square meters, with the construction area of 128,000 square meters and 600 600 open beds in the first stage project, will put into operation the latter half of 2014. The number of existing staff is 1157, including 1002 professional medical workers.

In 2013, there were 1,354,801 inpatients, 40,741 outpatients and 9976 operations totally. It has a complete range of professional services including neonatology, pediatric orthopedics, pediatric general surgery, pediatrics Hematologists, pediatric nephrology as Jiangsu Province’s key focus specialist clinic, the pediatric respiratory and department of infectious diseases as Suzhou’s key focus specialist clinic. Besides, the urinary surgery is new added as Suzhou’s key specialist construction unit.

It is the teaching hospital of Soochow University, with the Pediatric Research Institute in it. The Pediatrics as one of the key subjects in Jiangsu Province during the twelfth Five-Year offer the Doctor and Master Degree educational programmes of Soochow University. The Emergency Medicine Program provides the Master Degree. It possesses 11 doctorate supervisors and 48 master supervisors, taking the task of clinical teaching for the undergraduates, graduate students and overseas student in Soochow University.

With a strong academic atmosphere, the hospital adheres to the strategy of “science and education rise the hospital", and holds on the target of establishing a research-based hospital. Within five years, it has more than 240 scientific research projects including the National Natural Science Fund Project, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine project, and the provincial government and the Health Department scientific research projects. It has also been honored with Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, the Ministry of Health Award for new technology, scientific and technological progress awards, Suzhou City, New Technology Award, totally for 45 items. It publishes over 200 papers (including about 30 SCI Indexed) every year in the peer reviewed journals both at home and abroad, also holds more than 20 matches for the national and provincial continuing education classes every year.

The hospital possesses advanced armarium,completed infrastructural facilities, strong technical force, as well as a batch of high-level talents. In the last five years,1 team is the  leading medical talents of Jiangsu province’s “Prosper Sanitation by Science and Education” project, and 5 of the talents for province’s “135 Project”, 7 for training targets of the provincial “333 Project”, 1 introduction of talents for province’s “double gen ” project, 1 for province’s distinguished medical specialists and 2 for province’s “Six peak talents” project.

It carries forward the “erudite, refinement, association, charity, thanksgiving,” as the spirit of service; implements the “home, school, paradise” as the service concept; adheres the “love children, care for life” as the principle of service, takes the patient-centered, and handles the management of activities to improve the quality of medical services. With the opportunity of establishing high quality hospital, besides intensifying the connotation, it also extends services. It has been honored with provincial and municipal Civilization Unit for several times, and has been named as “the Peace Hospital” and “The qualified hospital of implementing the goal of patients’ safety” by the Health Department of Jiangsu provincial government. It first brings the night clinic of experts into effect in Suzhou City to meet the needs of working people; opens two hotlines of expert counsel and medication advisory for patients to solve troubles; holds "kiss baby "health class, popularizes the child-care knowledge and so on. Public welfare volunteer activities like “Volunteer Xiaoding” and “Thousands of doctors going grassroots” win warm praise from customers.

Since reform and opening, the hospital has established friendly cooperative relationships with the hospitals in United States, Britain, Canada, Japan, Denmark, Israel, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, hires the foreign experts as a visiting professor, and sends middle-aged and young experts to visit abroad for continuing medical education. During the twelfth five-year, it will still adhere to the guidance of scientific concept of development, take the goal of provincial first-class and national well-known, and accelerates the pace of modernization.
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