No Pains, No Gains--Good News for the Graduation Season of the Paediatrics Majors Enrolled in 2015

From:Children’s Hospital of Soochow University    Release time:2020-06-29

June witnessed another graduation season. In this season of harvest, clinical medicine (pediatrics) majors enrolled in 2015 from the ClinicalPediatricsSchool,Soochow University received the admission notice from their dream university. As the first batch of pediatrics majors enrolled by Soochow University after the resumption of enrollment of students majoring in clinical medicine (pediatrics) in Jiangsu Province, they have handed in a satisfactory answer sheet! Out of the 36 students in the class, 4 students were given the postgraduate recommendation and 28 students passed the postgraduate entrance examination, withthe success rate of passing the postgraduate entrance examination reaching 87.5% and the total enrollment rate being 88.9%. Among this group of students, 31.3% were admitted by prestigious universities such as Shanghai Jiaotong University and Fudan University. The passing rate of postgraduate entrance examination and the admission rate set a new high in the history of graduate classes of the Clinical Pediatrics School.


Soochow University, as a comprehensive university with strong cultural heritage, under the influence of excellent spiritual traditions, has not only actively joined scientific research groups, applied for college students’ innovation projects and continuously improved their scientific research accomplishment, but also created a free and open campus atmosphere so as toenable students to cultivate their organizational management and interpersonal skills in diversified community activities. Both teachers at the Department of Medicine and those at the hospital provide the students with considerate care. Attaching great importance to the cultivation of students’ humanistic quality and practical ability, school leaders at all levelsnot only offer students a comfortable environment for study and life, but also arrange two head teachers for each class. With the close cooperation between the two head teachers, students can be timely provided with guidance inspirit, study and life.

It takes ten years to grow a tree and a hundred years to bring up a generation of good men. Relying on Children’s Hospital of Soochow University, the Clinical Pediatrics School has stepped into a stage of steady development featuring mutual benefit and common progress under the hospital’s concept of coordinated development of “medicine, teaching and research”. To cultivatequalified pediatricians with temperature, the school has carried out a series of teaching activities, e.g. undergraduate talent contest, recitation competition, writing competition and experts’ lecture. To improve students’ clinical practice ability, the school adopts a two-pronged approach in the training of teachers and students.Through making the demonstration rounds of the wards in clinical teaching, teaching observation, young teachers’teaching competition, teachers’ training, PBL and SP case writing contest, the school tries to improve the teaching competence of the teachers.By integrating stereotyped training and scene simulation, the school strives to strengthen the basic clinical skills of students.There is a two-way selection between the supervisors and the undergraduates, so as to guide students’ early clinical education. To encourage students to study hard, the school has set up “Outstanding Student Scholarship” and “Sailing Student Grant” to reward students with outstanding academic performance. During the recent 5 years, altogether 18 students have been awarded the“Outstanding Student Scholarship” and 13 students have been financiallyaided by the “Sailing Student Grant”.

With careful care and irrigation, the saplings have grown into healthy and strong trees. The school motto, “unto a full grown man”, has been deeply engraved in their minds.The pediatrics majors enrolled in 2015 could not have achieved such remarkable resultswithout the great efforts made by the school, the medical departmentand the hospital, the considerate care provided by teachers for the students, the careful guidance offered by teachers in the practice bases such as Xinhua Hospital Affiliated to the School of Medicine of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Changzhou Children’s Hospital, and most importantly the efforts and persistence of the students themselves.We sincerely hope that the pediatrics graduates enrolled in 2015 can march towards a better tomorrow in a down-to-earth manner with the best wishes from everyone!We hope that all pediatrics majors can make full use of their glorious youth, follow their hearts and realize their dreams!We warmly welcome you to sign up for the examination to enter the Clinical Pediatrics School, Soochow University as clinical medicine (pediatrics) majors!