Suzhou Children’s teamed up with Suzhou Broadcasting System to launch a children’s health platform

From:Children’s Hospital of Soochow University    Release time:2019-11-04

On June 1, a special day for children, our hospital teamed up with Suzhou Broadcasting System to hold the launching ceremony of the Children's Health Platform and the activity participated by “well-known doctors” who would see patients on a voluntary basis. This event was attended by Chen Weichang, Vice Principal and member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Soochow University, Lu Yufang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Suzhou Broadcasting System, Chen Xiaokang, Deputy Director of the Suzhou Health Commission, Director Wang Jian of our hospital, Wang Xiaoxiong, Deputy Director and member of the Party Committee of Suzhou Broadcasting System, Chen Guohong, executive vice president of the Xingyang School.


Chen Weichang, Vice Principal and member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Soochow University, first congratulated on the launch of the children’s health platform. He said that the teaching resources of Soochow University could be effectively integrated to better provide a more comprehensive popular science education and health services for the citizens, especially children and adolescents, which is a very meaningful thing that should be further promoted. “Children’s Hospital of Soochow University is a Grade III Class A specialized hospital for children with a history of 60 years. Today, the children’s health platform is officially launched, which I think is a piece of good news for not only children and adolescents in Suzhou but also tens of thousands of families and the society. It will definitely make positive contributions to the health of children throughout the city.”


The upcoming June 6 is the 24th National Eye-care Day. The theme of this year is: Take care of the children's eyes so that they can have a bright future. According to relevant data, the overall myopia rate of Chinese children and adolescents is 53.6% in 2018, including 14.5% for 6-year-old children, 36% for primary school students, 71.6% for junior high school students, and 81% for senior high school students. The task of prevention and control of myopia is arduous.


According to Wang Jian, Director of our hospital, the children’s health platform created in cooperation with Suzhou Broadcasting System, will make relevant attempts with children’s vision as the entry point. Next, our hospital will cooperate with a number of primary schools to carry out the action of children’s eyesight detection. Based on the Look Suzhou APP developed by Suzhou Broadcasting System, citizens can consult doctors online, work out hidden dangers by filling out health questionnaires, and truly understand their health reports. The platform not only provides parents with an electronic file about their children’s vision health, but also can find targeted solutions to children’s vision problems, providing users with more service models. “With the recourses of famous pediatricians and the innovative capabilities of the media, we will gradually strengthen the integrated cooperation between our hospital and the media, make innovative efforts to develop our service models and create a children’s health data platform, so as to better serve and guard children’s health. Moreover, we will take our cooperation with Suzhou Broadcasting System as an opportunity to create intelligent medical services, develop an innovative health education platform, improve our service quality and further improve the medical experience of our patients, in the hope of contributing to the promotion of healthy Suzhou as well as celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the 60th anniversary of the establishment of our hospital.”


As introduced by Wang Xiaoxiong, Deputy Director and member of the Party Committee of Suzhou Broadcasting System, Suzhou Broadcasting System has been committed to media integration and empowering the society. This children’s health platform jointly created by our hospital and the media not only provide people with a database about children’s health, but also can energize the medical industry with media through approaches such as live streaming of health of children with these diseases, consulting doctors online etc., offering a strong guarantee for links after the medical inspection. “Software applications are designed to serve the people, bringing convenience to their life; using the management platform, the doctors can greatly improve their working efficiency; besides, the platform assists medical workers in collecting and analyzing data, helping them to analyze scientific research data. In this way, we can truly realize the goals of serving the people, assisting doctors, promoting scientific research, and publicizing public welfare.”


As the children’s health platform was launched, our hospital arranged 10 doctors to see children on a voluntary basis in front of the outpatient building. This activity was overwhelmingly responded, with all the 300 patient numbers completely used.  With this precious opportunity, parents solved many problems that had been confusing them all the time. Besides, in such a special festival, we prepared a special gift for each child involved in this activity, wishing the children a healthy and happy life.

We sincerely hope that our hospital can make concerted effort with the media to create a dedicated electronic health record for children in Suzhou!