A Charity Relief Project for Poor Children with Nervous System Diseases launched in the Hospital

From:Children’s Hospital of Soochow University    Release time:2019-11-04

On the morning of May 31, 2019, the launching ceremony of the “Welcome the Children’s Day · Guard the Promising Youth” Charity Relief Project for Poor Children with neurological diseases was held in the outpatient hall of our hospital. Nearly 50 people, e.g. President Xu Guoqiang of Suzhou Charity Federation, Vice President Yan Weiguo of Suzhou Charity Federation, Director Tan Weiliang of Suzhou Health Commission, Wang Jian (Director), Lu Zuyuan (Secretary), Qiu Ming (Deputy Secretary) and Yan Xiangming (Vice Director) of our hospital, attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Secretary Lu Zuyuan.


At the inauguration ceremony, Director Tan Weiliang of Suzhou Health Commission and President Xu Guoqiang of Suzhou Charity Federation delivered speeches respectively. Director Wang Jian and Vice President Wei Weiguo signed the project agreement, and the guests present jointly opened the launching ball symbolizing the establishment of the project.

This project mainly provides love fund for children with neurological diseases who are treated in our hospital, covering severe neurological diseases including brain tumors, hydrocephalus, spina bifida, epilepsy etc. The fund is mainly targeted at the self-funded part of hospitalization, up to a maximum of 20,000 yuan. And the fund for children with special circumstances should not exceed 50,000 yuan. The funded person must be recommended by the corresponding department in the hospital or his/her medical doctor and then confirmed by the Foundation. The donations must be open and transparent to the society.

After the launching ceremony, the guests participating in the ceremony visited Ward 22 in the Neurological Department to extend their regards to 2 children with brain tumors, providing them with the consolation money.