Suzhou Children's won 17 National Natural Science Foundation projects in 2019.

From:Children’s Hospital of Soochow University    Release time:2019-09-09

Recently, the National Natural Science Foundation of China officially announced the results of the application projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2019. Our hospital has made persistent efforts to achieve outstanding results and has obtained 17 projects (including 9 general projects and 8 Youth Science Fund projects). The total amount of direct subsidizing funds is 6.605 million yuan, and the number of projects established of the Jiangsu Children’s Specialist Hospital and the National Children’s Specialist Hospital ranked first and third, respectively.

The approved projects of National Natural Science Foundation of our hospital in 2019 cover 8 departments, including 5 of the Pediatric Clinical Research Institute, 5 of the Respiratory Department, 2 of the Cardiology Department, and 1 of the Hematology, Neurosurgery, Chinese Medicine, Neonatology and Imaging Departments, respectively. Among them, the Neurosurgery Department achieved a breakthrough of zero to one. Among the 17 people who received project funding this year, 10 project leaders were funded for the first time by the National Fund.

In recent years, the number of projects established of the National Natural Science Foundation of the hospital has remained stable, which benefits from the layout of the hospital’s overall disciplinary strategy and the training of talent teams. The superior resources have been integrated through the management model of basic and clinical cooperation and interdisciplinary integration. The provincial and municipal scientific research projects make it a priority to recommend young scientific research personnel, and offer the young researchers who have research foundation the “first barrel of gold”. At the same time, the guidance of the national fund experts is carried out in an all-round and full-cycle manner, and experts from various professional fields are invited to provide guidance in a precise manner. Many people who have obtained the established project for the first time have made declaration for many times, and they never give up after failure. They made up the short board again and again, and made repeated modification, and finally succeeded! Their unyielding spirit is worth learning. I hope that all the staff of the hospital will work hard to declare the 2020 National Fund.