Professor Helmut Bertalanff from Germany hired as a neurosurgical expert of Suzhou Children's

From:Children’s Hospital of Soochow University    Release time:2019-04-24

To further promote the development of pediatric neurosurgery in our hospital, we have specially invited Professor Helmut Bertalanff, currently the chairman of the Education Committee of the World Federation of Neurosurgical (WFNS), director of the Vascular Neurosurgery Center of the International Neurosurgical Institute (INI) based on Hanover, Germany and member of the World Neurosurgery Advisory Group of the International Neurosurgeons Group (INC), as a neurosurgical expert. On the morning of April 10, the appointment ceremony was held in the Neurosurgery Department of our hospital. Wang Jian (Head of the hospital), Li Jianqin (Medical Director), Luo Yi (Director of HR Department), Zong Jianyang (Deputy Director of the Hospital Office), Chen Min (Director of the Neurosurgery Department) etc. attended the ceremony.


There are very few experts in the field of neurosurgery worldwide who can skillfully perform surgeries in the brainstem area at the skull base. Unanimously recognized as a master in the treatment of brainstem tumors, Professor Helmut Bertalanff is good at performing surgeries in complicated positions such as the skull base, brain stem, thalamus, hypophysis and optic nerve. Having broken through the “restricted areas” for surgery time and time again, he has successfully removed deep brain tumors such as complicated brainstem glioma, malformed cavernous vascular and skull base tumors for patients all over the world, bringing hope to countless patients who have lost confidence in fighting against the diseases.


From April 10 to 11, Professor Helmut Bertalanff performed surgery on three children with complicated brain tumors in our hospital. Due to the special location of the tumors, the surgery was extremely difficult with particularly high risks. Case discussions were carried out before the surgery, and detailed plans were made. Professor Helmut Bertalanff also cordially communicated with the children and their families, answering their questions about the surgery in detail. The 3 children were transferred back to the general ward after staying in the SICU for one night. They were in a clear state of mind with stable vital signs, and there were no obvious complications.


The intention of cooperation reached between our hospital and Professor Helmut Bertalanff is also an affirmation and encouragement to the Neurosurgery Department of our hospital. Great thanks should be given to the hospital leaders and the various departments for their great coordination and support. It is believed that under the guidance of Professor Helmut Bertalanff, the level of pediatric neurosurgery in our hospital will definitely be improved, and we will strive to reach the peak of international pediatric neurosurgery!